3 Powerful and Fair Link Building 2013 Strategies

As far as SEO marketing goes, instant results are impossible to obtain. To build high quality, related links, it takes a long time and considerable investment of effort. Besides this, there are the changing rules in the field. %the trends in 2013 are still evolving deeper into the social realm, and this means that  link building should be heavily geared towards the inclusion of positive social signals to improve ranking.

Creating Content Just for the Social Sites

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Social media integration is a critical aspect in 2013. Now it is directly tied to the content itself, more precisely to the content creation matters. One needs to take some time and write content exclusively meant for social sites. This is the efficient way to interact with subscribers, fans and followers in the network of choice.

This is also tied to social bookmarking. Social media integration and content creation are both involved with social bookmarking. The social sharing of a site directly depends on these and is a key factor in successful SEO marketing. Search engines read the signals from social sites – the level and the quality of the activity on your page, and this contributes greatly to a good rating.

 Links Through Blog Commenting Done Correctly




It may appear strange to mention this old technique as a 2013 strategy, but here is the difference: it’s been done so wrongly in the past. The abuse led to a world of spamming, which has drove away many from this technique. A link building article’s success largely depends on the comments that go with it. Blog commenting done the correct way will bring relevant links to the website. A blog comment can serve as means to convey a first impression to the audience regarding your business. Seduce the consumers through it. The comment has to expand the conversation and be a clever input, thus getting out of the spam pile. Also, don’t add comments on pages containing more than 100 outgoing links.

SEO marketing will no longer be a pain if you employ these old techniques but in their pure, uncorrupted form, stripped of all the dirt and abusive tricks. Not everything has changed in the domain. Search engines fight against spam, therefore this should be your first concern as well – don’t create spam. The cleaner you go, the better the rankings will become, and fairly earned.

 New Link Placement

With the Panda and Penguin Google updates, placing links in the sidebar or footer would attract penalties. Today there is a safer form of link building, which is getting links from within the content itself. It these are placed in the first paragraph it is even better, as long as it feels natural there. This also stresses the importance of content creation. All in all, it is a part of content marketing, which is about to replace the traditional form of link building and its old meaning. A most essential tip is to concentrate on getting more links from the content and doing this early on in the article.